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Cadence Music & Choreography for Dressage Home Page
Cadence Music & Choreography for Dressage was started by                              in 2014. I have been involved in dressage to music for 12years. During this period of time, this aspect of Dressage has become increasingly popular.
Many of my pupils had been coming to training showing an interest in Freestyle to Music but were unsure where to start. I had been creating my own music CD's and accompanying choreography for several years, so I ran "An Introduction to Dressage to Music" clinic which was a great success. Several clinics later I found I was compiling an increasing number of discs and floor plans for variety of riders / horses, many of whom were going on to qualify for  BD Regional Finals and Riding Club Champs, hence Cadence was started.
Cadence is based in North Cornwall and offers many services, including making your music, designing the floor plans, improving existing music / floor plans and running music clinics, both theory and practical.  I cater for any equestrian discipline, dressage, side saddle, demo's, displays, pony club and riding club. I am happy to create a music disc for any occasion (it doesn't have to be equestrian) for example dog training demos / displays , etc.
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