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Cadence Workshops


Cadence offer's workshops that are tailored to all your individual requirements. Options of some of the workshops I regularly run are outlined below.


Theory Workshop

This Workshop lasts for approximately 2 hours and is often run during the evenings with cake and coffee.  During the Theory Workshop we will go over the aspects of Freestyle competing that are sometimes only touched on in the practical workshops due to time. I will explain the BD Rules and Regulations and go over the registration of music, getting your labels etc. We will discuss various types and styles of music, timings, choreography including compulsory and disallowed movements at each level. I will have examples of score sheet's so you can see how the freestyle tests are marked as they vary from the standard Dressage Test score sheets. Informal discussion and exchange of ideas is encouraged in this workshop to cover any theory questions or worries that you may have.


Practical Workshops

There are 2 main types of Practical Workshop both of these are mounted:


Beginners Workshop

This workshop is for complete beginners, if you have considered getting into Dressage to Music but don't know where to start then this is the workshop for you. We will touch on theory side of the freestyle, scoring, rules, registering music, compulsory and disallowed movements. You will have the opportunity to ride to various types and styles of music getting used the the feel and tempo. During these workshops you will ride in small groups, which enables you to experience different types of horses working to different types of music, you can learn a lot about the tempo and what fits and what doesn't by watching other combinations. By the end of this workshop I hope to have inspired you to have a go at freestyle. Due to the fact that ridden spaces are limited, there is opportunity for spectators to attend these workshops at a reduced price.


Intermediate Workshop

This workshop is a natural progression from the beginners workshop. By this time people are encouraged to come along with music that they hope to use and enjoy, however, this is not compulsory as I have an extensive music library. We will work to see what fits and what doesn't and by the end of this workshop you will have the tracks ready to compile into a disc format. I can do this for you, or you may wish to compile the disc yourself. We can experiment with the choreography and play around with various ideas and use of different lines within your floor plan to make it more original. Some people that come on this workshop already have a disc and use this session to work through the music, make sure they are happy with everything or maybe spend time upgrading the floor plan.


One to One Sessions

These sessions are for combinations who already have a disc and are looking to upgrade the music and / or floor plan. By the time you get to this stage it can be more beneficial to work one on one, these sessions can be booked privately through Cadence. You may wish to book a session to start with if you don't fancy a group workshop and feel more confident working one to one.


If you are interested in holding a workshop at your yard / venue or within your riding club / pony club please get in touch for a friendly chat to discuss your requirements.





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