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Clare Deithrick
I live in North Cornwall and have ridden all my life. When I left school I went to train at The Talland School of Equitation to take my BHS Exams, during my time there I discovered my love of Dressage to Music. I had always been musical playing various instruments at school, in particular the flute and piano. I now play in a local orchestra where we play a wide variety of music both classical and contemporary which enables me to continually expand my knowledge.
I am an Advanced Dressage Rider, BD Trainer and List 3 BD Judge. I breed, back and produce my own dressage horses and currently have 5 horses competing from Novice - Int 1, all of which I compete in freestyle classes. Due to the fact I'm a BD List 3 dressage Judge I can provide input from a judging prospective whilst compiling your music and designing floor plans. I currently have pupils competing at British Dressage Prelim up to PSG at Regional Level, combinations at Riding Club and Riding Club Pairs , Pony Club  and Side Saddle at National Level using Cadence Music & Choreography
I also enjoy the more fun aspect of the dressage to music, both organising and taking part in many charity demo's and displays, dressing the horses up and using themed music to fit my various costumes. My last charity demo for St Luke's Hospice raised over £850.
I have a passion for music and enjoy watching combinations improve and achieve their goals whether you want to qualify for a final or just have a go at Dressage to Music for fun at home, whatever your aspirations I'm happy to help.
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