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What I Can Offer
Custom Made Music - for your individual requirements
I offer a custom made music service for your individual requirements whatever they may be. How I do this varies with each individual depending on their aspirations and goals. Some options are outlined below, however, I'm very flexible and always try to incorporate your ideas. I am happy to help in any way with any occasion that may arise.
Help with Choosing the Music
This option involves you coming to me with your horse for a session to choose your music. I encourage people to bring along any music that they may like to ride to. During the session you will be able to ride to various tracks to get a feel of what's right for you. I feel it's important for you to really like the music you choose and enjoy riding to it. It doesn't matter at this stage what format the music is in as I can source better alternatives if necessary at a later stage. In addition I have a vast music library so between us we will be able to find something suitable. By the end of your session we will have the pieces of music and these can then be compiled into the music disc.
Turning your Music Tracks into your Music CD
I will transform your music tracks into a CD suitable for use in competition or anything else required. I will give you 2 copies of the disc, a list of all timings (ensuring a technically correct flowing test), track details and all the information you will need to register your disc once it's made. You don't have to have chosen your music through me, if you have pieces of music you are struggling to join together in a professional way then you can send them to me and I will compile them and send you back the finished disc.
Choreography For Your Music 
This usually involves a session with your horse working out the choreography or floor plan to fit your music. It doesn't matter if I haven't made your disc you are still welcome to come along to a choreography session. We can work together coming up with various ideas to make your routine, original and artistic. Being able to show your horses strengths and hopefully not highlighting any weaknesses, is the brilliant thing about Freestyle. I will then write out the floor plan for you so you can take it home and learn it.
If you live a long way away and can't get to a choreography session I am happy to come up with some ideas based on your technical requirements, this method sometimes needs a little adjustment but has been successful.
Help withAdjusting / Improving Existing Music
If you have music that you wish to adjust, I can help with this either by booking a session or by DVD. You may have moved up a level or perhaps your horse's paces have developed with age and training and you  find that a disc that has fitted well in the past needs some adjustments.
Help with Adjusting Existing Choreography
If you have choroegraphy that doesn't get you high marks in the test, book a session to help improve your artistic marks. Often you only need to change a couple of aspects to improve marks. It may be that when your choreography was done originally your horse was younger and less experienced and as training develops you will be able to add in more technical elements.
The DVD Option
This is common if you live out of area but wish to have your music created by Cadence. Send a DVD showing your horses 3 basic paces and we can go from there. We can discuss in detail the type and style of music that you would like to use and I can find suitable music to compile your disc.
Music for other Events
I can create music for any event, it doesn't have to be dressage. Cadence has been involved in music for Demo'sQuadrilles, Pairs, Side Saddle Displays and Dog Displays. I enjoy this aspect of the music creation and am happy to compile a disc for any occasion.
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