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Useful Tips


Here are useful tips to bear in mind or consider regarding freestyle:


* Make sure you allow plenty of time to compile your music and design your freestyle. It takes longer       than you think to get organised and then you need plenty of time to practice and perfect your freestyle.


* Always have a spare copy of your music made and take 2 discs to the competition. For one reason or      another one disc may not play, some sound systems don't read certain discs etc and this will help to        avoid disappointment and stress on the day.


* When you choose your music make sure you pick something that suits your horse and that you enjoy.     It shows in your performance and if you enjoy riding to your music and the overall impression always     looks better.


* Make sure you are familiar with all the rules and regulations that surround Dressage to Music. These       include aspects such as the timings, registering your music, labels, compulsory and disallowed               movements. There is lots of information about this on the BD WebSite, it's always best to ask advice       of someone experienced at Freestyle if you are unsure about anything.


* Make sure you know your music inside out. You may need to make tiny adjustments to your floor           plan on the day, surfaces ride at different speeds and sounds systems play at different speeds, you

    might not always be in exactly the same place evey time, at every competition.


* Make sure you ride to your music not to the markers. You must change pace as your music changes,      don't carry on in the previous pace because you may not quite have reached the marker you intended to    reach as this will be reflected in your artistic marks.


* There are certain compulsory movements at each level, make sure you present these clearly so you         don't lose unnesesary marks. When you create your floor plan try to highlight your horses strengths.


* When the judge rings the bell, you need to halt at your start position and give a clear signal to start

    your music. Make sure before you enter the arena you know where the sound technician is sitting and

    make sure they can see you. 


* When you make your disc, make sure you don't make the time too tight. Different sound systems

    plays at slightly different speed and you don't want to go over time.



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